Strategic Planning Process and Implementation

In the fall of 2019, MFS embarked on a strategic planning process grounded in human-centered design. We acknowledged then what we know to be true now, that although we cannot predict the future, we can design a strategic direction that provides MFS with a framework, or compass, for our next 3-5 years. With support from Leadership + Design, a design-thinking strategy group, we learned what it means to diverge and converge around core ideas, to be comfortable with ambiguity, and to amplify our mission by aligning it more intentionally with those we serve.

Over the course of the 2019-20 school year, we engaged in an inclusive and collaborative planning process. Our Strategic Planning Committee of 21 board members, faculty, staff, parents/guardians, and alumni participated in seven planning meetings. We hosted three parent/guardian and faculty/staff think tank sessions. We conducted dozens of empathy interviews with diverse constituencies. Over the course of the year, we generated over 290 “how might we” questions about the future of MFS. And we hosted a Design Day, educating over 100 participants in basic design principles and inviting them to prototype ideas for the future. The result of this important visionary work is the MFS Strategic Plan: A Compass for Our Future.

Strategic Planning Committee (2019-2020)


Ivy Brown ‘89, School Committee Clerk
Chris Kimberly, Former Associate Head of School and Academic Dean

School Committee Members:

Barbara Caldwell, School Committee member
Stefanie Cohen, Former School Committee member
Emily Orel, School Committee member
Greg Paw, School Committee member
Stephan Schenk, School Committee member
Nick Smith, Former School Committee member

Faculty/Staff Members:

Monica Burrows, Math Teacher
Kimberly Clarkson, Former MS Director
Shu Shu Costa, Former Director of Admission and Financial Aid
Danielle Dayton, Director of Athletics
Julia de la Torre, Head of School
Jenel Giles, LS Director
Meredith Godley, Associate Head of School and Academic Dean
Sonia Guzman ‘02, Director of Annual Giving
Dot López, Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Melissa McCourt, Chester Reagan Chair for Religious/Quaker Studies
Dan Sussman, English Teacher
Jenny Ragghianti, Kindergarten Teacher
Steve Zakroff, Director of Development

Strategic Plan Implementation (2022-2023)

Each year, MFS will convene a variety of implementation teams made of up faculty, staff, and administration to move forward our strategic initiatives. Below are the current year’s implementation teams, each of whom will integrate outside expertise into their work, as needed. We are grateful for the time and energy these individuals are bringing to these exciting projects.

Inclusive Community Committee

The committee will design and implement a climate and culture assessment to identify community strengths and inform recommendations for enhancing a culture of belonging at MFS. In addition, the team will finalize a traditions protocol to ensure events remain inclusive and mission-aligned.

Nikki Coleman
Sonia Guzman ’02
Jazzmin Holmes ’11
Dot López, Co-Clerk
Ruth Malwitz, Co-Clerk
Dan So-Schoos
Dan Zemaitis ’98

Environmental Sustainability Committee

The committee will coordinate with faculty, staff, administration, and students to develop a long-term MFS Sustainability Plan that supports a culture of environmental stewardship on campus.

Mary Ann Boyer, Consultant, Boyer Sudduth, Co-Clerk
Lisa Carbone Warren, Co-Clerk
Tina Corsey
Diana Day
Julia de la Torre
Rachel Kaplan
Garrett McVaugh
Drew Newman
Julius Trimbach
Pauline Williams

Lower School Spanish Committee

The committee will design the vision and structure of the Lower School Spanish program, including a long-term rollout and communications plan.

Angelica Aguilar
Jenel Giles, Co-Clerk
Nikki Jefferson
Rob Nasatir, Co-Clerk
Jenny Ragghianti
Amanda Sewald, Consultant, MARACAS Language Programs and Kaleidoscope Educational Consulting

World Leadership School Cohort

The committee will strengthen and deepen student learning and engagement in the Intensive Learning program, especially as it relates to global competency, so that MFS offers consistently high-quality, learning-rich experiences on an annual basis.

Gail Barna
Jennifer Branscom
Deb Bruvik, Co-Clerk
Jessica Cotoggio, Consultant, World Leadership School
Larry Ottman
Mitali Pande
Noah Rachlin, Co-Clerk
Chelsea Witt

Student Support Services Committee

The committee will analyze current student support structures (academic and social-emotional) at MFS and make recommendations for enhancements that would better serve our student population.

Julia Applegate ’10, Co-Clerk
Jenel Giles
Evan Haine-Roberts, Co-Clerk
Julie Lyons
Melissa McCourt
Josie Paolello
Claire Nick
Bee Stribling
Nicole Weber




inclusive community


global engagement